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Great Sphinx Of Giza

The Sphinx

The Sphinx is a mythical creature having his head of a human and body of an animal.

Sphinx - pkmediahub

Human headed winged bull facing Spinx - pkmediahub
Human Headed Winged Bull Facing

The sphinx has different versions in different cultures. The Greek Sphinx has a human head and a body of a warrior bird. What symbolizes it as plan and execute approach of the human and the wrath and merciless approach of the bird. That can hunt the enemy down on any ground. The Sphinx of Egyptian culture has a human head and body of a lion that symbolizes it as the power and velocity of a lion. While the mindful guardian approach of human that guarded the temples of their kings. The world’s largest Sphinx is situated at Giza (Egypt) and is considered as at least 5000 years old.

Marble Sphinx Acropolis Museum - pkmediahub
Marble Acropolis Museum

Riddle Of The Sphinx

In Greek Myth, this creature with head of a woman and body of a monster bird used to protect the Greek city. Thebes by asking a riddle to every stranger that enters the city. If the stranger answers it correctly, let him enter the city, the rest were eaten alive by her.

The riddle was that there are two sisters, one gives birth to another while the other gives birth to the first. Who are the Sisters??

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It is believed that none of the strangers passed the riddle until one person named Oedipus answered it correctly. The answer was Day and Night. After his answer, she made a suicide after jumping off the mountain. Later on, this man Oedipus became the king of Thebes.

No matter whether these creatures existed or not but they are always considered as emblem of power, lust, throne and kingdom.


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