Thursday , September 20 2018

Jammu and Kashmir Tourism

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Tourism In Jammu And Kashmir Jammu and Kashmir is the northernmost state of India. The Mughal emperor Jahangir said that if paradise is anywhere on the earth, it is here. In Jammu and Kashmir the most important tourist places are the Kashmir Valley, Srinagar, the Mughal Gardens, Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Jammu, …

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Mohenjo Daro History


Mohenjo Daro Mohenjo Daro was built in the 26th century. The name of Mohenjo Daro as “Mound of the Dead Men” in Sindhi language. It was one of the largest city in Indus Valley Civilization and one of the world’s earliest major urban city. It is located west of the …

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The Phoenix

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The Phoenix When there describes the urban legends and we wont talk about Phoenix would be misappropriate. If Sphinx is hearts then phoenix are the crowns among the mythical creatures. In fact phoenix is one of the most well-known mythical creatures over the past few decades. Basically phoenix is a …

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