How to Find Out If Someone Is Stealing Your WiFi

How to Find Out If Someone Is Stealing Your Wi-Fi

Check Who Is Connected To Your WiFi Router

If you are  trying to improve your WiFi speed at home, you might to know about who’s Stealing WiFi Network. Today it is possible that you can easily check your internet  users with a panel that is provided by your internet company. But it is also possible that there are some other family members  Stealing WiFi Network through password. So the question is how do u find out the users of your network.

How to Find Out If Someone Is Stealing WiFi Network

Perhaps if someone still using your network  than its mean that person slowing down your network. If there are already multiple computers, laptops, mobile phones and tablets are using your network in homeland then it is possible that your bandwidth is divided up enough already. If whoever else is using or Stealing WiFi Network using some other methods then that’s defiantly going to slow down the speed of your internet network. An unauthorized person who is using your WiFi may end up costing you extra in data  charges. In another case whoever is using your WiFi may also check what you are doing in your computer.  Through internet or stealing files from your personal computer.

Solution To Avoid Stealing WiFi Network

The best way to resolve the problem is to use one of the simple tools. To take a look at what’s going on with your personal internet network. You can also check and remove the devices that are Stealing WiFi Network  or your internet network. Depending on your level of interest and your technical ability.

There are some simple tools and simple way that can easily find the persons list in your network provider control panel.



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