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Change in Pakistan Through Youth


                               Change in Pakistan Trough Youth

I was thinking that how we bring Change in pakistan  in a postive way. What can youth and every single person do to making pakistan a safe homeland.Where Equality can rule and injustice can b eradicate?. I am such a person who  always want to contribute in the society in a postive change.want to change many things but i could not do  this. because i am alone do nothing to bring the change in pakistan every signal person tries his best to bring a big change in the country. our youth is the blood of  our country .The direction of a nation’s youth directly affects its development. Therefore, being a dutiful citizen of our country  here is what I think must be done to bring the change.

Change in pakistan

 Factors  To brings Change in Pakistan


1-Start reading Authentic news:

Yes, in this age of social media we all have access to digital devices and social networking sites like Facebook etc. For most of our youth, such sites have become a source of getting information or news about their surroundings. However, the only thing we forget is that all the information on these sites is not authentic. Each hash-tag trending on Twitter or Facebook is not news. What our youth really needs to lead the country is to get news from authentic sources – news, articles from real people, who one can judge through their actions in real lives. Read everything – papers, magazines, domestic reporters, international news – and then make an opinion of your own. This will help us in getting out of this mess that we are in

2- providing them A  plateform:

Youth can bring change in the society if they were allowed to to something, but from where we should get started. Is there any platform for the youth to just get together for any cause and the answer is no. Unfortunately in Pakistan no such organization has been formed for the youth which could motivate our future generation in such positive way that can bring change in our society. There is no concept of services rendered by our youth because such activities are not being supported or praised. Most of the people are thinking that what we can do, but if want a change in the society so we have to come out and start working on any cause together without any discrimination.

3-Spreading  Education:

we can bring the change by spreading the Education. an Awarance seminare should be conducted in school colleges and universities.. We should bringing change from our schools and colleges, there should be a volunteer student organization in every school, colleges and university of Pakistan and they should be supported from our elders for the services they rendered for making a change.What the youth can do we could make a contributing in spreading education in slum areas. by spreading the education we can stop child labour in pakistan.

Changre in pakistan

4- to bring change in pakistan Take care of your locality:

I am not telling you to start a campaign or something. You don’t need to open an organisation. What you need to start making a better society is to care for your surroundings first. Look what needs to be done, how people are living, are the authorities working properly etc. Make a small team of your fellow neighbours, friends. You may also keep some cool uncles like me and together we can work towards a better future. And trust me soon other people will follow. And if they won’t, you are still setting an example for everyone. It’s a small step with a huge impact.firstly brings change in your srroundings the we can bring a big change in pakistan.

5-promote sports Activities:

Sports activities and other recreational activities could bring a positive change in Pakistani society and it will also be helpful in eliminating anti social activities from society which are later on causes of rising terrorism. This I found when I asked the youth from different walk of life. That how we can bring the change in Pakistan. Pakistani youth want change and by giving them the opportunity to change the society they will going to prove themselves as a patriotic and dedicated youth of Pakistan.

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6-Know our constitution:

In order to become a true citizen of Pakistan you must know about everything written in our constitution. It is important to know about our rights. Many times we lose things, are cheated, because we don’t know about it. If we have the right to blame the government then we have to be specific. We cannot let anyone think that we are a flock of sheep which can be led to anywhere. The youth needs to be well informed and aware of its rights and duties.

7-Volunteer for at least one issue in our country:

There are various problems that still need to be solved. And it has always been our duty to help the government by lending a hand. After all, democracy is ‘the government of the people, by the people, for the people’. Therefore, the youth must come forward and work for it too. Join an NGO or any efforts by such organisations. Do whatever suits you but make sure to dedicate a particular amount of time towards our nation.

8-Wake up Future Genration of Pakistan.

Pakistan’s population has a major part which is based on the young generation. Not only  Pakistan, but the world’s most popular and successful countries have a massive number of young people. Many developing countries rely on their future generations and even plan their goals and strategies according to their younger generations.The basic requirement of the youth of Pakistan is that they should be serious about themselves, their careers and the future. Once they start planning their future, many things can be settled. Not at all are same, many features vary from individual to individual. We cannot say that the young generation of Pakistan is dull, instead they are energetic and intelligent but normally they don’t focus on their territorial requirements. If we compare with the western world, their youngsters think to become strong financially, morally and socially. The readers are not being ashamed (I can’t ever) but the message and needs of future are being forwarded to the world’s best young generation. In our normal life, each one of us knows how much we think about or plan our life in a day. We all know how our forefathers worked to get freedom for us, even how parents struggle to make us so strong in a society. We must think, will we return it to them by just kidding, eating, smoking and enjoying the whole day?

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9-STOP idolising army rule:

This needs to come straight. I am not against the appreciation of our soldiers. They are as much my heroes as they are yours. But the youth must not idolise the military dictators. What Zia, Ayub, Musharraf and Yahya have done to our country can simply not be forgotten, let alone forgiven. We are still facing a lot of issues related to terrorism, on and off the border. Army should assist the government, as it is doing now. Only then our country would be able to make progress. So always read between the lines.

10-Take yourself seriously:

Youth is an asset for any developing nation. You are the future of our country – the face that will soon represent it in various fields. So you have to take your actions and thoughts seriously. Whatever you become today will be how Pakistan will become tomorrow.If we will sincere to ourselves, then we will automatically become sincere to our country. Words alone do not work when facing crises. By only calling ourselves superior over India cannot make us superior over them. Their youth is not very strong yet, but they are in progress to becoming a strong nation with a rich young generation. While discussing their youth, they don’t have any problem working in call centers or banks while studying.

At last, you can always add on to this list and walk towards a prosperous Pakistan.

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