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What is Life


Definition of Life It is a test for researchers and rationalists to characterize life. This is in part since life is a procedure, not a substance. Any definition must be sufficiently general to both. It include any obscure life that might be not the same as it on Earth. Life …

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Soul Journey After Death In Islam


Death and Soul Envision yourself right now of your death. What contemplation enter your thoughts? Recollections of family and companions? Freeze? Laments? Recognition of Allah? About Soul? The Question is What is death, What transpires after we kick the bucket. What is life in the Great beyond like, this new …

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History of the World


Background of the World The historical background of the world portrays the historical background of humankind as controlled by the investigation of archeological and composed records. Antiquated written history starts with the innovation of composing. Be that as it may, the underlying foundations of human advancement reach back to the …

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